true light photography  is run by Edward Bakker, independent photographer. Contact us for a chat about our services.

Ed literally gave up his daytime job in July 2016 to start his own business as a photographer. “Yes, yes madness I know but sometimes you have to take the plunge and go for it, follow your star………”.

What went on before……..

His first job was in advertising in Amsterdam. “I was studying economics and got an invite to work for an advertising agency in Amsterdam. An offer I did not want to refuse!!” After three years he changed tack to study physiotherapy and  worked as a chartered therapist in the NHS and private practice,  and more recently as a lecturer in Sheffield. “I have always thoroughly enjoyed my work but 2016 was the year to  pursue one of my other dreams: to work as a photographer. The creative itch just would not go away”.

He started as an amateur photographer in his early teenage years. “The very first snapshots I took with my Kodak Instamatic 133 in the 1960’s”.  "The results were ‘interesting and probably pointed towards my ongoing interest in snap-shots, street photography, events and portraiture".

What kind of photography does he do?

He is passionate about portraiture, street photography, human interest subjects, cityscapes, landscapes and still life photography. Please have a look at the photo-gallery to view a selection of his work.

Ed aims to find different perspectives or viewpoints to record a part of your story. In portraiture, that means finding a look or a pose that reveals something about his subject, something authentic.

He prefers to work using available natural light, only aided by artificial sources when needed on location preferably, or in a studio setting.

But I’m looking for a wedding photographer, should I contact Ed?

He says: “ …to be honest I would have loved to  be the photographer at our own wedding with Glynis (the present Mrs Bakker) in 2003. It was a very small and informal do in an amazing setting (Stragglethorpe Hall), laced with incredible food, Champaign and laughter. I got the much better part though, but even so, that’s the kind of event I would like to shoot. In black and white (and colour shots as well), like our own wedding reportage…”.

If you are planning a more traditional and larger wedding then you do need the expertise of an experienced and specialized wedding photographer. And there are quite a few amazing professionals in the business.